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    platform that users trust.
  • Mitigate risk, prevent fraud and comply
    with regulatory compliance obligations.
    Simple, secure, and reliable
    customer verification.
Strategic Planning

Regulatory Compliance

Designed specifically to meet regulatory compliance obligations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer(KYC). GVIVE supports a diverse range of international identity verification requirements.

Financial Clean-Up

Instant ID Verification

GVIVE offers real-time online ID verification in 30 seconds to expedite transaction time in service delivery. Strongly resistant to fraud, simple ,and secure ID verification.

Cash Flow Planning

Trusted Onboarding

Enabling the delivery of high-quality client service, robust due diligence and standardization across each on-boarding function is our focus. Accurate identity information from legitimate data sources.

Cash Flow Planning

Mitigate Fraud Proactively

The best identity theft protection service to help protect your institution and increase consumer acceptance of your brand. Sign up today to start using GVIVE® now! Supported on all browsers, 24/7, 365 days all year round.

Complete Compliance & Monitoring

Fully dynamic and automated live sanctions and reporting system supporting domestic and international regulatory and compliance responsibilities.

In partnering with Codex, GVIVE offers AML screening services to help businesses comply with financial regulations designed to detect and prevent financial crimes on the local and global scale.

Strategic Planning

Sanctions and Watchlist Data

2100+Watchlists Perform real-time AML/CTF screening whilst minimizing false positives, by utilizing a live global AML database of Sanctions and Watchlists

Strategic Planning

PEPs Screening

Reduce financial risk, with industry-leading coverage of Politically Exposed Persons, offering dynamic identification of new risks in real-time to react to changes in regulatory requirements.

Strategic Planning

Global Coverage

Authorised sanctions including every global list, OFAC, EU, AU, UN with built-in analytics to avoid regulatory penalties and increase financial security.

All-in-one packaged verification suite

Our Approach

Provide a syndicated Electronic Identity Verification Platform.

To access the most reliable identity information on customers, we collaborate with trusted Data Partners for a comprehensive, and up-to-date identity solution to enable business be KYC/AML compliant.

Smart fully- automated ID Verification leveraging advanced technology, to instantly validate customers enabling a truly paperless and accelerated customer on-boarding process whilst reducing fraud.

Single point of access, interfacing seamlessly with multiple data sources while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality of records within a controlled environment.

Use Cases

The fast growing compliance burdens on Financial Service Providers(FSPs) are a fundamental concern to us, given the rapid adoption to new technological innovations. Equipping FSP's with requisite tools to be compliant in adhering to KYC regulations, be transparent and accountable is why GVIVE is here!.

  • Customer Onboarding
  • KYC & AML
  • Company Name
  • High- Risk Transactions
  • Fraud Detection
  • SIM Registration
  • Age Verification

How It Works